10/20 Clips Holder Spice Organizer Seasoning Bottle Clips Rack Spice Organizer Lightweight Storage Rack Shelf Seasoning Bottles - CHINA,2PCS with sticker

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2PCS with sticker4PCS with stickersticker 1pcs
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Description:Let it save space and keep the organization: Are you filling the kitchen shelves with spices or jars that mix jars?The storage rack holds each spice jar, so even rare spices are easy to find.

Your storage rack is always unaffected and always meets your needs.A secure adhesive allows you to attach the strip to almost anything.Size is 25*


Cut strips are custom-fitted to fit the space: If your space is ultra-narrow or extra wide, the clip strip can be adapted. Easy to trim to fit the available space. Cut them in half or side by side.

Package Included:

2/4Storage rack

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CHINA, United States, spain, Russian Federation, france


2PCS with sticker, 4PCS with sticker, sticker 1pcs

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