DDR3 4GB 8GB 16GB 32GB Server Memory REG ECC 1600 1333 1866 2133 2400 2666 MHz PC3 RAM Support x79 x58 LGA 2011 Motherboard - 16GB 1866MHz x 2pcs

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Return Policy

You can return it to us within 3 days after delivery or 30 days after shipment in case the delivery date is not traceableView More

Suitable for X79/X58 motherboard
Other brands of desktop boards are not suitable
Server motherboard is only suitable for dual CPU motherboards
Single CPU server board is not suitable
Notice for 1866Mhz, Below is test from CPU-Z.It will shown PC3-14200(889Mhz).It will not shown PC3-14900.please do not place order if you can’t accept it.Please doublem comfirm your motherboard and CPU can supports to 1866Mhz before place order.

Please note that PC3 and PC3L are sent out randomly.If you have any request,

please leave a message to me.Please note that 1R and 2R 4R are sent randomly.If you have any request,

please leave a message to me.Please note that the granules are shipped with random

orders from Micron, Samsung, Hynix, Elpida, South Asia, etc.If you have any request,

please leave a message to me.If you need to specify a Samsung memory module, you need to add 2-6 dollars to the price

Note: this RAM ONLY works on dual server board. CAN’T works on desktop.

Frequency to distinguish:

8500R=1066MHz, 10600R=1333MHz,12800R=1600Mhz,14900R=1866MHz.

0.7);color:rgb(42, 43, 46);font-size:18px”>Special note: this memory can only work on the server, or on the mainboard of X58 and x79, but not on the desktop (such as core, E3 series and other configurations). Please confirm your computer configuration. If you are not sure whether your configuration supports this memory, please consult the customer service. We will not be responsible for any loss or dispute arising from our purchase mistake. Thank you for your understanding!Please note:

1. Because of the arrival batches of different products, the production date and specific models and serial number is differnet. The picture shown on the mainsite is for referents. if there is fluctuation, according to the real object please!

3. The product is , not brand new, there will be dirty or scratches, this is a normal phenomenon, if you mind, please do not buy!

This RAM is not new.Please do not place if you mind.

Memory Capacity

4GB 1333MHzX1 pc, 4GB 1333MHzX2 pcs, 4GB 1333MHzX4 pcs, 8GB 1333MHz x 1pcs, 8GB 1333MHz x 4pcs, 8GB 1600MHz x 1pcs, 8GB 1600MHz x 2pcs, 8GB 1600MHz x 4pcs, 8GB 1866MHz x 1pc, 8GB 1866MHz x 2pcs, 8GB 1866MHz x 4pcs, 16GB 1333MHz x 1pcs, 16GB 1333MHz x 2pcs, 16GB 1333MHz x 4pcs, 16GB 1600MHz x 1pcs, 16GB 1600MHz x 2pcs, 16GB 1600MHz x 4pcs, 16GB 1866MHz x 1pcs, 16GB 1866MHz x 2pcs, 16GB 1866MHz x 4pcs, 32GB 1333MHz x 1pcs, 32GB 1600MHz x 1pcs, 32GB 1866MHz x 1pcs, 64GB 2400Mhzx1, 64GB 2666 MHz x 1

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