DDR4 3200MHz 8GB 16GB 32GB Laptop RAM 260pin SO-DIMM Memory for Laptop Notebook Ultrabook - DDR4 16GB 3200

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• High Memory Frequency :With a memory frequency of 3200 MHz, this RAM can handle heavy workloads and multitasking with ease.

• Multiple Capacity Options :This RAM comes in three different capacities – 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB – allowing you to choose the perfect amount of memory for your laptop or notebook.

• Easy Installation :This RAM comes with a package, making it easy to install and upgrade your laptop or notebook’s memory.

• Compatible with Lenovo Laptops :

• High Memory Frequency :The DDR4 3200MHz memory frequency ensures smooth and seamless performance, making it perfect for multitasking and gaming.

• Large Storage Capacity :With 8GB, 16GB, or 32GB of storage capacity, this laptop RAM is perfect for storing large files and running multiple applications simultaneously.

• Easy Installation :The 260pin so-DIMM memory design makes it easy to install and upgrade your laptop’s RAM without any hassle.

Product Parameters*

Product model:

Lenovo Laptop Memory DDR4 8GB/16GB/32GB 3200MHz 260PIN

* Application: Laptop

* DIMM Type: SO-DIMM* Memory Type: DDR4

* Memory Capacity: 8GB/16GB/32GB

* Frequency:3200MHz

* Voltage:

* Number of Pins: 260 Pins


Regarding RAM compatibility issues. First, check what frequency you have used before. Also consult the customer service of the motherboard manufacturer.

Check the specifications of the device before purchasing. For example, computer motherboard model/RAM model/RAM slot/RAM frequency/maximum compatible memory capacity.

Q: How to choose correct RAM?

A: If you do not know the required parameters, please download the CPU-Z app software, all parameters can be seen, such as the following picture:

Memory Capacity

DDR4 8GB 3200, DDR4 16GB 3200, DDR4 32GB 3200

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