Flannel Pet Mat Dog Bed Cat Bed Thicken Sleeping Mat Dog Blanket Mat For Puppy Kitten Pet Dog Bed for Small Large Dogs Pet Rug - Type 16,97x68cm

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Product name: Thickened pad
XS: 30CM long 25CM wide about 3cm thick
S: 35CM long 27CM wide about 3cm thick (about 3jin for pets)
M: length 47CM wide 33CM about 3cm thickness (about 6 catties for pets)
L: 57CM long 38CM wide about 3cm thick (about 12 catties for pets)
XL: 67CM long 48CM wide about 3cm thick (about 20 catties for pets)
XXL: 80CM long 57CM wide about 3cm thick (about 50 catties for pets)
XXXL: Long 97CM wide 68CM about 3cm thickness (about 70 catties for pets)
Product description:
One side of this mat is flannel or coral or arctic or super soft or rock or ice silk mat;
Lamb or Arctic or fleece or flannel on one side, reinforced on both sides, interlayer sprayed collodion. Easy to use, can be padded in other nest, can also be directly used alone, soft and comfortable.


Type 1, Type 6, Type 11, Type 16, Type 21, Type 29, Type 30, Type 2, Type 7, Type 12, Type 17, Type 22, Type 28, Type 31, Type 3, Type 8, Type 13, Type 18, Type 23, Type 27, Type 32, Type 4, Type 9, Type 14, Type 19, Type 24, Type 26, Type 33, Type 5, Type 10, Type 15, Type 20, Type 25


30x25cm, 35x27cm, 47x33cm, 57x38cm, 67x48cm, 80x57cm, 97x68cm

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