Lengthened 127cm Slingshot Telescopic Straight rod Slingshot Laser Catapult Outdoor Hunting Accessories - Yellow

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Weight: 855g,

Length: 64.5cm(25.39 inch),

Stretched length: 127cm(50 inch),

Outer Width: 94mm(
3.7 inch),

Inner width: 44mm(
1.73 inch),

Slingshot head width: 25mm (
0.98 inch),


1. Upgrade the slingshot bow head, which can be clamped with a variety of rubber bands, double card rubber bands, and round rubber bands.

2. The protruding design of the bow head is to allow you to step on with your foot, which is convenient for pulling the rubber band and exerting the elasticity of the rubber band to a greater extent

4. Quick compression design, quick installation of rubber band

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Packing list:

Package 1: slingshot + handle + 3PCS rubber band

Package 2: slingshot + red laser + handle + 3PCS rubber band

Package 3: slingshot + green laser + handle + 3PCS rubber band

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