Non-Electric Fresh Water Bidets Self Cleaning Bidet Toilet Seat Attachment with Adjustable Water Pressure & Angle Controls - G3/8

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A luxurious upgrade for every bathroom

Your bathroom will never be the same after installing your new bidet attachment. Enjoy a stream of fresh water on demand, cut down your toilet paper usage and live the pure life.

Turn The Knob

Adjust the pressure from gentle butt spritz to power wash.

Find The Perfect Angle

Adjust the nozzle for a precise clean.

Two Modes Clean

Adjust the nozzle to achieve Posterior and Female Modes!

Easy To Install

Easy to Install the Bidet in just 10 Minutes!

Bring You Health And Enjoyment

Convenient to use for Elderly, New or Expectant Mothers, Women and Kids!


Comes with all the components and instructions for installation.

Pipe Size

G9/16, G3/8, G1/2

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