Pet Dog Cotton Rope Toys Molar Stick Clean Tooth Chewing Rubber Toy Puppy Medium Large Dogs Funny Interactive Training Product - Footprint Spike Ball,Pink

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Pet Toys Big Collection Of Dog Cotton Toys Pet Toy Ball Molar Teeth Cleaning Dog TPR Toy
Product Category: Knot Toys
Material: Cotton Rope
Color: Random Color
Size: One Size
Suitable : Small, Medium And Large Dogs
1#Five-pointed star cloth strip 18*
2#Triangular cloth strip 18*
3#Star cloth strip 20*8cm
4#Prickly star cloth strip 18*
5#Circle cloth strip 18*7cm
6#Pitted Circle cloth strip 18*7cm
7#Gear cloth strip 18*
8#Middle circle cloth strip 18*8cm
9#Footprint small spike ball 6*6cm
10#Cylinder cloth strip 20*3cm
11# Pockmark ball cloth strip 20*6cm
12#Concave-convex ball cloth strip 20*6cm
13# pattern ball cloth strip 38*
14#Footprint(Bones) ball cloth strip 20*6cm
15#Dog face bone cloth strip 28*5cm
16#Big Circle cloth strip 24*12cm
17#Olive Shape cloth strip 39*
18#Pierced Bones 12*6cm

>Molar teeth cleaning: protruding particles on the surface help dogs clean their teeth
>Various styles: There are many categories, choose as you like
>Twisted rope: good-looking and firm, not easy to break
>Cloth hand pull: soft and comfortable, easy to lift
>TPR material: soft and comfortable, environmentally friendly and durable

1. The package only includes one dog toy
2. The product size is measured manually when placed horizontally. There may be an error of 1~3cm. Please refer to the actual product!
3. Due to the different display and lighting effects, the actual color of the product may be slightly different from the color shown on the picture, please refer to the actual product. Thank you!


Triangle Cloth Strip, Circle Cloth Strips, Middle Circle, Pockmark Ball, Footprint(Bones)Ball, Five-Pointed Star, Star Cloth Strips, Pitted Circle, Footprint Spike Ball, Concave-Convex Ball, Dog Face Bone, Olive Shape, Prickly Star, Gear Cloth Strips, Cylinder Cloth Strip, Pattern ball, Big Circle, Pierced Bones


Blue, Pink, Yellow

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