PNN4080AR Li-Ion Batte 2250Ah For DEP250 XiR C1200 C2620 C2660 EP350 CP185 R

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Prct Dcription
odel Nuber
7.4V 2250Ah
50 Pcs
Paing &; ve
one paed in a PP bag, then 50pcs a thi bag
Copany Profile
Fujian Qnzhou Hhong Couniion Co., L. is a hi-te copany, hi has n dedied to the antenna developent, anufacturing and arketing since 1989. Loed in Qnzhou y of Fujian Prnce in , our fac occupi nrly 10,000 sqre eters (108,000 sq ft). During the last to decad, HHONG has experienced coderable groth on the dot arket and n expanding the international arket. The “HHTX” seri are of hi grade and top qlity antennas. HHONG rns a good reputation and s a lding role in the field of couniion antennas. HHONG is an ISO9001 and ISO14001 ceified copany. Our ain prcts incle CB, VHF&;UHF, GS&;CDA, GPRS, 3G/UTS, 4G/LTE,
5.8G antennas, etc. No e offer hundre of antennas of different type to eet our custoer’s need. ith our knoled and experience, e are able to supply qlity antennas at a copetitive pre. OE, OD and sall orders are available. If you od like to find a reliable and long-ter parr, contact us no.

1. ho are e?

e are based in Fujian, , sta fro 2001,sell to Dot arket(60.00%),tern Europe(10.00%),Noh Aera(
7.00%),stern Europe(
5.00%),Southst Asia(
4.00%),South Aera(
3.00%),stern Asia(
3.00%),Southern Europe(
2.00%),Nohern Europe(
1.20%),id st(
0.80%),Cen Aera(
0.50%). There are total about 101-200 people in our offe.

2. ho can e grantee qlity?

a pre-prction sle before ass prction;
fl Inspection before sent;

3.hat can you buy fro us?

arine Antenna,Decorative Antenna,e Antenna,Handd R Antenna,HF Antenna

4. shod you buy fro us not fro other suppliers?

e ake HF, CB, VHF, UHF, LoRa, GS, iFi, i, LTE antennas, 5G and ore. Over 30 yrs’ experience | ith 2 aneo abers and 30 netork analyzers.

5. hat serv can e prde?

Accepted ve Ters: FOB,CIF,EX,Exprs ve;
Accepted Payent cy:U,CNY;
Accepted Payent Type: T/T,L/C,oneyGra,Credit Card,tern Union,Cash;
Lang Spn:English,ine

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