Puskill Udimm Memory DDR3 DDR4 4GB 8GB 16GB 1333MHZ 1600MHZ 2666MHZ 2400MHZ 2133MHZ 1.2V Desktop Cooling Vest Ram - DDR4 16G 3200

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Notes: This product link has DDR3 and DDR4 memory, please check the product model used by your computer model before placing an order.

This link does not support x99、 x58 and x79 series motherboards. If your motherboard is an X99 motherboard, you can contact our online customer service, we will send you other links for you to order


CAS Latency:1333MHz = CL9, 1600MHz = CL11

2133MHZ = CL15, 2400MHZ = CL17, 2666MHZ = CL19

Memory Capacity

DDR3 8GB 1600, DDR4 8GB 3200, DDR4 8GB 2400, DDR4 8GB 2666, DDR4 16G 2400, DDR4 16G 2666, DDR4 16G 3200

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