SMTSO Patch Copper Nut M3 L1-5.5 Surface Mount Welding Brass column PCB board support Pcie module conductive screw through-hole - China,100PCS in bags,M3X5.5X5-3.6X1.5

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100PCS in bags


M3X5.5X1-3.6X1.5, M3X5.5X1.5-3.6X1.5, M3X5.5X1.5-4.5X2, M3X5.5X2-3.6X1.5, M3X5.5X2.5-3.6X1.5, M3X5.5X3-4X1.5, M3X5.5X3.5-3.6X1.5, M3X5.5X4-3.6X1.5, M3X5.5X4.5-3.6X1.5, M3X5.5X5-3.6X1.5, M3X5.5X5-4X1.5, M3X5.5X5.5-3.6X1.5, M5X7X3-5.5X2.5

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