Tuya MCB 3P WIFI Metering Circuit Breaker Smart Life Timer Remote Control Automatic Wireless Interruptor Reclosing Switch - 1-63A adjustable

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Product upgraded from red model to blue model, better quality, new chip, faster response time

Wiring: Power must enter from the top and must be Live line + Neutral Line (L+N). Live line + Live line (L+L) cannot be used.

Displays the voltage of each phase and the total voltage

In the three-phase breaker, the datas ( current, voltage, power ) of EACH phase and total datas can be displayed in the APP.

1. metering, Day, month, year metered storage,G
lobal control, timer, voice control, Overload protection, Short-circuit protection, over-current protection, Over-voltage protection, Wiring temperature protection, Work with, Alexa, google home, IFTTT

2. Built-in TUYA chip to improve the stable transmission and reception of WIFI signals, to avoid congestion interference. Professional CE-EMC, CE-LVD test to ensure safe and reliable communication process.


Rated operating voltage range: 145V-295V,Over-undervoltage protection function is not available for 110V

Comply with GB16916 CQC1148

Number of poles: wifi(36mm), 4G(54mm)

Maximum frame current: 63A

Power supply mode: common power supply, with gateway

Short circuit breaking capacity: Icn=Ics=10KA

Mechanical life > 10000 times

Electrical life > 6000 times

Trip Type: Type C

Electricity metering accuracy:
1.0 class

The main function:

1. Remote opening and closing;

2, can monitor power, voltage, current,

Power, temperature and other grid parameters.

3. It can protect the voltage, overload current,

Parameters such as temperature and power limit can be

Protection value setting and function setting.

4, and remote APP or Web terminal

Remote operation and parameter setting.

Customizable 4G/Zigbee/RS 485 protocol

Measurement accuracy class 1

Remote OTA upgrade

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Rated Current

1-63A adjustable

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