Yanhua Mini ACDP2 Second Generation Car Programming Master Basic Module Only Work on PC/Android/IOS Wireless and USB connection - China

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ACDP-1 vs ACDP-2:
ACDP 1: Wireless connection only
ACDP 2: Wireless and USB connection, connect ACDP host via Android, iOS and PC devices via USB without Bluetooth adapter.

No network configuration is required. It is plug-and-play.


No need to remove chip
No need to soldering
No need to cut the line
No need to lift the pin
Data reading and writing is safe and reliable
Connection upgrade
USB direct connection, plug and play
wifi connection, more freedom.
Data transfer upgrade
Data preservation and transmission, faster, more stable, more secure
Charging port

How to Bind the second-generation ACDP:

If you buy Functions modules and Baisic module togeter, pls watch following video to Add license .
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